Christine Parsons is the new JMB Chair

Following the Annual General Meeting in October the first JMB Board meeting was held on Thursday 1st December. As is customary, directors held a vote to elect  a Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer and Company Secretary for the forthcoming year.

Board members elected were as follows:

Chair: Christine Parsons (Crosby Hamilton and Lockyer TRA)

Vice Chair: Fola Ogunkola  (Decima Street TRA)

Treasurer: Sarah Hatchard (Kipling TRA)

The JMB Manager, Andy Bates, will remain as Company Secretary.

Other resident Board Directors are: Jean Davies (Bermondsey Street RA); Nigel Koch (Bermondsey Street TRA), Jackie Scorer (Kipling TRA); Nareen Thompson (Decima Street TRA); John Paul Lynch (Crosby Hamilton and Lockyer TRA) ; Tracy Fowler ( Lawson Estate TRA) and Peter Coulthard (Lawson Estate TRA).

The Board also voted for the following non residents to be co-opted as directors – George Grime, Lee Page, Michael Adu and John Paul Maytum.