Almost everyone who has bought their home on a JMB estate will be a leaseholder, paying a annual service charge for the services they receive via a legal agreement with Southwark Council (the lease).

Your service charge includes the cost of the standard Southwark Council buildings insurance.

This insurance covers damage caused to the structure of the building.

This insurance does not cover any loss or damage to the contents of your home – including furniture, clothes or items such as televisions, DVD players and music systems – whether caused by an accident in the home or caused by the action of one of your neighbours (for example a water leak from a neighbouring property).

The JMB strongly advises all home owners to have full contents insurance. This is available from as little as £2 a week. Read the Contents Insurance page of the website for more information.

The JMB itself has insurance which will only cover damage to your properly as a consequence of negligence by a JMB employee or contractor (for example a water leak caused by an incorrectly fitted pipe or valve). The JMB’s insurance does not cover damage caused by your neighbours (either leaseholders or tenants).

What does my buildings insurance cover?
Southwark Council has produced a policy document that explains what is covered (and what is not covered) by the buildings insurance paid for by your service charge. Download the policy document (pdf, 701kb) to read more about the details of the cover.

What do I do to make a claim on my buildings insurance?
Should you need to make a claim on your insurance policy, please contact Southwark Council’s Home Ownership Unit on 020 7525 7660 for advice or visit their website here.

Buildings insurance renewal

For regular updates on the Building Insurance contract, please visit Southwark Counsil Webpage: