Leathermarket Gardens Community hub

Following the allocation of Community Infrastructure Levy funding by Southwark Council a local steering group developed a vision and project priorities for the area around Leathermarket Gardens


To expand Leathermarket Gardens’ offer as a community hub, with improved entrances, routes, amenities and biodiversity to improve the wellbeing and life chances of all local residents (including young people), and prepare for an increase in local population and the climate emergency.

 The priorities were  

 Seek to negotiate community access to ball court and acoustic / green screen: Note sub-group to take forward community access to ball court and acoustic/ green screen immediately lead by Southwark Parks Team

  1. Strengthen connection and routes between park and Tyers Estate by improving greening and biodiversity within the estate
  2. Expand park into Tyers Gate
  3. Re-design entrance to the park at Kirby Grove
  4. Re-design area between village hall and ball court with potential additional sports facility
  5. Adjust the design of the mound area to include picnic tables, gabions, additional planting, and a new route with entrance in NW corner to strengthen the connection between Leathermarket Gardens and Guys Park
  6. Improve pergola area in rose garden
  7. Work with adjacent building owners to install vertical greening on blank walls
  8. Develop long term plan to improve the Bermondsey Village Hall with highest possible environmental credentials

We consulted on the priorities in June/July 2022 with over 100 people taking part. The results showed very high support for improving the local park and open space network and connections, its ecology, climate resilience, providing equal access and more social opportunities. We also heard that people love the current character of Leathermarket Gardens so the designs have been developed to complement what is already here rather than making big statements.

Since the June/July consultation we have been working to better understand the area, people’s views and their inspiration. We have responded with designs to enhance greening and improve access while creating better spaces, places and local journeys. We have also worked with Tyers Estate to further proposals for the estate. Now we would like to hear your comments on these latest designs.

The proposals are now displayed around the park and presented in the online consultation. Please respond using the link and QR code below.