Fire Safety for Homeowners

Fire Safety

The Government is introducing new rules to increase the safety of all people living in blocks of flats. We need your help to implement the new rules and ensure the highest level of fire safety. If you are a homeowner that rents out your flat can you please share this information with your tenants.


Ring the fire brigade

In the unlikely event of a fire please phone the fire brigade on 999, and not assume that someone else must have done this already.


What to do next

The strategy for your block is to you to stay-put in your home, as this is the safest option. The only exceptions to this are:


The exception to this advice is the houses on Trinity Street converted into flats, where our advice is to leave. The wooden floors and stairs means that there is a higher likelihood of fire and smoke spreading between flats.


Personal evacuation plans

Nationally, the Government is trying to work out how to support vulnerable people who live in tower blocks in the event of a fire

In the meantime, the JMB is working on a list of residents who have restricted mobility or cognition (understanding of an emergency situation), who might find it difficult to leave quickly if there is a serious fire.

We want to make this information to the fire brigade, so that they can provide direct assistance in the case of an incident.

Whilst we have good information for secure tenants, we need to build up this information for homeowners, your families and people you rent your homes to.


Fire alarms

The JMB will provide free smoke alarms, which we are strongly encouraging everyone to take us up on this offer.


Front entrance door – door closure

A lesson learned from Grenfell towers is that front doors should have a working door closure. The reason is that if you have to leave your flat quickly because of a fire, the door will close behind you and help to contain the fire.

If your property does not have a working door closure, please let us know. If you or your tenants have taken off the door closure, please put it back.



Do not use the lift if there is a fire, as it will cut out.


Communal fire doors

Please don’t wedge these open. If there is a fire, we need these doors to hold back fire and smoke and allow residents to leave safely via the communal staircase.

If you want to follow up on any of these issues, please contact your Resident Services Officer.