Estate Inspections

What is an estate inspection?

Leathermarket JMB’s aim is to provide well-managed, comfortable, and well-maintained homes, in an environment that is attractive, safe, and secure. That is why we routinely check the quality of the estates we are responsible for. This process is called an estate inspection.

Our estate inspections are carried out by a Resident Services Officer, sometimes accompanied by other teams. The inspections monitor how well the communal areas are cleaned, whether gardens are being well-maintained, whether the estates and blocks are in a good state of repair, and whether there are any health and safety issues. Any repairs or health and safety issues that are picked up are noted and reported back to the relevant team post-inspection.

You have an open invitation to take part in these inspections. You bring a crucial, and different, perspective than our teams. The dates and times of the inspections are published on our website and in our newsletters. All you have to do is turn up.

Our performance and how we monitor it

When we complete an Estate Inspection, we collect information using the same process for all our estates, this means we can easily compare results and understand what we are doing well, and where we need to do better.

When we are completing Estate Inspections, we monitor the condition of the estate and we are looking out for the following:

It is everyone’s responsibility to help maintain pleasant and safe surroundings and we allow our residents the opportunity to influence and participate in decision making relating to estate management. You can do this by getting involved in inspections, giving us feedback in person or via TRA reps, and reporting vandalism, graffiti, or disrepair.

Our scorings and what they mean

We use the same scoring for all our estates. Scores are assessed by the Resident Services Officer in agreement with colleagues or residents who have joined them on the inspection.

Estate inspection scoring guidelines
Area inspected Score 1-2

(Very Poor)

Score 3-4 (Unsatisfactory) Score 5-6 (Moderate) Score 7-8


Score 9-10 (Excellent)
Estate cleanliness Overall appearance dirty. Widespread litter, graffiti, rubbish, and unremoved waste items. Bin stores / /refuse chutes unsanitary. Evidence of fly-tipping (dumped items). Dog-waste bins full, litter bins over 75% full Some areas need further cleaning, or have large amounts of litter, fly-tipping (dumped items), or graffiti. Bin stores/refuse chutes may need attention. Dog-waste and litter bins may need attention Appearance acceptable, but evidence of dumped items, litter, or graffiti. Some need for further cleaning and tidying. Cleanliness generally satisfactory. Perhaps some marks, litter, cobwebs, or minor graffiti – but only in isolated areas. All areas clean, good appearance, free from  litter and cobwebs. Bin stores secure, refuse chutes clear, clean, and disinfected.
Block exteriors Extensive repairs and redecoration needed.
Areas of damaged or missing paintwork, brickwork, signs, and drains/guttering.
Some signs damaged or defaced, drains blocked, or guttering and paintwork damaged. Repairs and redecoration needed. Several small repairs needed. All signs visible. Future attention needed to brickwork and decoration, but presently acceptable. Exteriors in good condition, with only minor damage. Slight  blockages in drains/guttering, but drainage unimpeded. All building exteriors are sound and attractive. No work  required.
Block interiors Damage in many areas, leaving estate insecure and unattractive. Lights  and lifts broken, doors and windows missing or damaged. Repairs necessary.  Some lifts out of  order, doors and windows damaged, and communal areas badly maintained. Whilst internal communal areas generally secure, lit, and accessible, a number of repairs are required. Only minor repair work required, on issues not  significantly affecting appearance, safety, or security of block. Doors, windows, and lifts secure, in perfect working order. All lights operating correctly.  Communal areas tidy and well-maintained.
Gardening and grounds Few lights working or operating correctly. Plants extensively overgrown/damaged. Fencing badly damaged in several areas. Several lights not working correctly.  Plants overgrown. Rubbish in hedges and shrubs. Fences and noticeboards need repair. Appearance and  visibility  acceptable. But grass overgrown, or pruning /weeding of plants, or repairs to lights and fences, needed. Lights working and fittings secure. Grounds attractive. Only slight gardening, and/or minor repairs to fences and noticeboards required. Grounds and gardens neat and attractive. All  lighting working correctly. Walls, fences, and noticeboards in  excellent condition.
Play areas, paved areas, and car parks Paving/roadways/  courtyards rutted and pot-holed. Play areas damaged/unsafe. Derelict vehicles  unremoved months after initial report. Whilst safe, repairs  needed to paved areas  and/or to play areas.  Unlicensed vehicles not removed over a month after initial report. All areas safe. Minor repairs needed (e.g. to kerbsides or  paving alignment). Maybe some unlicensed/ abandoned vehicles. All areas safe and  attractive, with only very minor works needed.  Maybe some  unlicensed vehicles, but all with warning notices issued. All paved areas in excellent condition. Play areas safe and  attractive. Car parks well maintained, with no vehicles untaxed or abandoned.