Contents Insurance

Why do I need that?
Many residents mistakenly believe that Leathermarket JMB arranges contents insurance or provides cover for your contents when they are damaged through no fault of your own.

Leathermarket JMB cannot and does not do this!

Why is Leathermarket JMB getting involved?
The JMB strongly recommends that all residents have suitable home contents insurance. We have experienced residents facing financial hardship as a consequence of not being insured. Ensuring that our residents are properly insured is really important to us. If you want further advice please speak to our Customer Services Team.

Reasons why you should take out contents insurance:

How do I apply for contents insurance?

Leathermarket JMB and Southwark Council both offer home contents schemes. Simply call one of the phone numbers below and the companies will provide you with your own personalised quotation.

Zurich Tenants’ Home Contents: 0845 602 6074

JLT Group: 0845 601 7007

Alternatively you can compare different insurers by calling companies in the yellow pages or using price comparisons websites. If you do this, make sure the insurance covers tenants and leaseholders contents insurance and gives you a good level of protection.

How do I pay for my contents insurance?
Both the JMB and Southwark Council schemes are pay as you go policies and if you don’t have a bank account or if you prefer, you can pay in cash weekly using a payment card. Alternatively as with most other insurers you can also pay monthly by Direct Debit or you can make a single payment once a year.