Live on a JMB estate

Applying to rent a home on a JMB estate
If you want to live on one of the JMB Estates, or you are an existing tenant looking for a transfer, you will need to make an application through Southwark Council’s housing service.

This can be done by filling in a Housing List Application Form. Forms can be obtained from the JMB office, Southwark’s one stop shops, download a form from Southwark’s website.

If you are already a Council/Housing Association tenant
If you are already a Council/Housing Association tenant then you can swap your home with another council/housing association tenant. This is known as a ‘mutual exchange’. Details of JMB properties where people want to have a mutual exchange can be found on the Homeswapper website, which contains details of tenants around the country who are looking for a mutual exchange. To use this facility, you will need to register on Homeswapper and give them your details.

Go to the Homeswapper website.

The application process

When you have completed the form it needs to be checked by Southwark’s Registration Department, you can contact them on 020-7525-4140 to make an appointment. The form will be checked to ensure everything is in order, sometimes the officer may want to visit your home to assess your current circumstances, you will be advised at the interview if this is necessary.

Once you are registered you will receive a letter from the registration department confirming your Homesearch number, what band you are registered in and the bed size that meets your need. Bands are determined by a person’s need, sometimes a medical form may also have to be filled in as this can make a difference to someone’s application and banding.

Priority is given to people with the greatest need; it is not determined by how long someone has been registered. The bands are numbered 1-4. Band 1 is Urgent, Band 2 is High Priority, Band 3 is Priority, and Band 4 is for all other applicants.

Bidding for a home

Once you have your Homesearch number you can commence bidding. This allows you to bid on a weekly basis for properties advertised through Southwark’s weekly Homesearch magazine or via the web. The bidding opens on a Thursday and closes midnight Monday.

You can bid for one property at a time and you will be able to see once you have placed your bid, exactly what your position is, this is useful as you have the opportunity to withdraw the bid if you feel you may have a better chance on an alternative property.

More detailed explanations can be obtained by visiting the Homesearch pages of the Southwark Council website. If you have a particular question related to the JMB then contact the JMB office.