Every resident should expect the following minimum cleaning standards on their estate. If we are falling short of these standards please let us know on 020 7450 8000

Hours of service – 8am to 4.15pm Monday to Thursday, Friday 8am – 4pm 

Rapid responsive service – deals with bodily fluids and broken glass in communal areas – Saturday &                                           Sunday 8am to 4pm – accessed by phoning 020 7450 8000

Daily (Monday to Friday)

Communal areas spot cleaned, litter picked and checked for blocked chutes, graffiti, spillages, hazards, litter. Lift floors and ground floor lobbies washed. Dog mess removed from communal hard areas. Dog mess bins emptied. Bins rotated and areas tidied. Reports of spillages close to the end of the working day will be dealt with the following day


Stairs, railings, ledges, wall tiles, bin chambers, main entrance doors/glass washed. Cobwebs removed. External drain gullies cleared of debris. Bulk items and fly-tipping removed every Mon, Weds and Friday

Responsive (when we notice it or you tell us)

Bodily fluids, broken glass or other hazards removed /disinfected in 3 hours (working day) or 5 hours (weekends). Offensive graffiti removed within 24 working hours (other graffiti within 5 days). Blocked chute clearance arranged within 24 working hours (longer if a specialist contractor is required)

Every 6 months – Door ironmongery, light fittings & accessible communal glass other than at entrances.

Other work – Leaves cleared in autumn. Weeds removed twice a year. Salt/grit applied – snow removed in icy/hazardous weather



To keep a pleasant living environment on our estates all leaseholders, tenants, sub-tenants and visitors are expected to behave responsibly and follow important housekeeping rules. A breach of these rules is considered anti-social behaviour and will be dealt with accordingly.


Clean outside your property regularly – walkways and landings outside your own front door

Place rubbish in the large external bins or refuse chutes if available.

Separate recyclables from household rubbish and put it in the designated recycle bins.

Avoid blocking refuse chutes – When using the chutes use small carrier bags.

Leave bulky items at your nearest bin store/ bulk collection point. If you need help call 0207 450 8000

Dispose of your cigarette ends responsibly – Don’t litter them in the communal areas.

Put your dog’s waste in the dog waste bins

Dispose of used cooking oil responsibly – when cold pour it into a lidded plastic container (milk carton) and put it in your household refuse bin.

Let us know in strict confidence on 0207 450 8000 if neighbours breaching these rules


Leave rubbish on the walkways or landings outside your property or in the refuse chute rooms

Block refuse chutes –if you block the chutes with large bin bags, bulky or flammable/hazardous items you will be charged for unblocking them.

Smoke in the communal parts of your block – It is against the law and strictly prohibited.

Leave your dog’s mess on the ground – it is against the law

Pour used cooking oil down sinks or into the communal drainage system – it causes blockages, pollutes water courses and is strictly prohibited.