Who are Leathermarket JMB?

Leathermarket JMB is the organisation which runs your estate, managed by the people who live in your area.

Leathemarket JMB is Southwark's largest resident-managed housing organisation. managing 1500 homes in Borough and Bermondsey between London Bridge and Tower Bridge. A full list of the addresses that the JMB cover can be found on the Which TRA page, together with details of the tenants and residents association that covers that area.


Residents are the reason we are here


Our vision is:

To provide excellent housing services for our residents, better than those provided by other organisations with similar resources

To do this we aim:

  • To spend no more than we earn over a five year period
  • To have high resident satisfaction rates compared to other local landlords
  • To encourage residents to get involved in managing the JMB
  • To be a good employer for our staff
  • To win the JMB continuation ballot every 5 years. (every five years all the residents living on the JMB Estates are asked if they want the JMB to continue to manage their homes)

Services – what do we deliver for residents?

Read about the services the JMB delivers on the What do Leathermarket JMB do page

This page last updated 13 Aug 09