What do Leathermarket JMB do?

Rent Collection

We collect rent from tenants. We also give advice to tenants in difficulties. However, if this fails we must take tenants to court to recover lost rent.


We deliver a repairs and maintenance service including:

  • Weekday repairs for tenants
  • Estate maintenance
  • Empty property repairs
  • A 24-hour, seven day-a-week, emergency repairs service

Customer Services

Our customer services team carries out a wide range of duties including:

  • Providing housing advice
  • Investigating and dealing with neighbour nuisance and antisocial behaviour
  • Carrying out tenancy checks to catch unauthorised residents
  • Helping to resolve neighbour disputes
  • Attending Tenants & Residents Association meetings
  • Taking prospective tenants to view properties and signing up new tenants
  • Dealing with parking issues
  • Providing a visible presence on the estates

Improvement Works

The JMB manages major improvement works within the budget we are given by Southwark Council.


Leathermarket JMB estates are cleaned 7days a week (except for bank holidays) by JMB cleaners

Bulk Rubbish

We will collect your bulk rubbish for free by appointment during the week. Please telephone 020 7450 8000 or call in the offi ce to book a removal


Leathermarket JMB employs two experienced gardeners to look after our estates.

This page last updated 13 Aug 09