JMB Chair appointed to Board of National Tenant Voice

29 March 2010

John Paul Maytum

The Chair of the JMB, John Paul Maytum (pictured), has been appointed to the Board of the National Tenant Voice ( NTV) - the new Government advisory body for social housing tenants and leaseholders - after a highly-competitive interview process.

This follows on John Paul's appointment to the National Tenant Council - the broader policy forum for the NTV - last December.

John Paul said:

"The National Tenant Voice Board represents the cream of the people working in the tenant movement in England and I'm greatly honoured to have been selected to work on this prestigious national body.

"I think this shows national recognition for the quality of work we have done at Leathermarket JMB to deliver quality services for the 1500 families living in our homes by putting residents in charge. By supporting and empowering our tenants and residents to take control - we are able to get much better homes, estates and services than the Council could offer on its own. After all, nobody is more of an expert in the impact housing services than the people in the homes who recieve them all day, every day, all year round.

"By working together as a co-ordinated tenant movement we can not only improve the quality of services at a local level but we can ensure that Government housing policies have at their heart a clear understanding of the needs and wishes of the people that they servce."

The NTV Board will:

  • Raise the profile of the 8 million people living in social housing and the importance of social housing to our society
  • Bring together and take forward the work of the National Tenant Council - the policy forum of tenants that is the intellectual powerhouse behind the NTV's work
  • Commission and co-ordinate research about social tenants and the issues that affect them
  • Support the tenant movement at a national, regional and local level
  • Co-ordinate the governance and budget for the NTV's work



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