New 'Priority Service' for weekend cleaning

23 April 2010

The JMB has introduced a new priority cleaning service for weekends to ensure that nasty and dangerous mess gets dealt with as soon as possible.

Cleaning Manager Brenda McAleer explained:

"Residents have told us that the biggest problem at the weekend is nasty mess, such as urine, or dangerous mess, such as broken glass. Often people find this after Friday and Saturday nights.

"So we have changed our weekend arrangements to try to make sure these problem messes are dealt with as soon as possible by having a priority cleaning service.

"If you spot a nasty or dangerous mess on your estate between 5pm on a Friday and 7am on a Monday then you should ring the JMB on 020 7450 8000 and tell us what the problem is and exactly where it is. We will then get someone to come out and deal with the problem as quickly as possible."

For more information go to the Weekend Cleaning section on the Cleaning pages on the website.

If you have any questions about the weekend cleaning service, contact the JMB office .or e-mail

This page last updated 13 Jan 10