Cavity Wall insulation for Nashe House

21 July 2010

Nashe House

Work to fit cavity wall insulation to Nashe House will take place on Wednesday 21 July and Thursday 22 July, between 8pm and 5pm on each day. See update below.

The work will involve drilling holes in the outside walls of each floor of the the building and pumping a plastic foam inside the wall.

This will be carried out by people working from cradles suspended by ropes from the top of the building. These cradles will be installed on the Wednesday, with the drilling and foam added on the Thursday.

Residents are advised to keep their windows and doors closed when the foam is being fitted to avoid dust and fumes getting in to their homes.

The work is being carried out by contractors Apollo as part of a programme of work going on across Southwark. Nashe House was selected for the insualtion as it has a big enough gap in the walls for insulation to be fitted. Unfortunately, this is not the case for the earlier buildings on the estate.


UPDATE: 23 JULY - The work is now expected to take a week and should finish by Thursday 29 July at the latest


If you have any questions or concerns about this work contact the JMB office.


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