Tea and a chat at the JMB
- Wednesdays 11 am - 12 noon

Come and meet JMB residents, find out what is happening in our area and get advice on issues to matter at our 'Tea and a Chat' sessions at the JMB Office on Wednesdays between 11am and 12 noon.

Richard Bailey, a JMB volunteer, will host the sessions which are open to any JMB resident.


JMB Manager Andy Bates explained:

"Some people have told me that they miss the change to drop in to the office for a chat, while other people have told me that they would appreciate advice on issues wider than housing.

"I would love the JMB to be a meeting point for the community and for us to be able to help with problems other than housing.

"Richard brings many years of experience, having worked for the JMB for many years before his retirement. Many residents have valued the sessions that he held at the Roundhouse so I'm delighted that he is coming to hold these 'tea and a chat' sessions at the JMB Office."

To join the session, just drop in to the JMB office any Wednesday between 11am and 12pm. If you have any questions about the sessions contact the JMB office.

This page last updated 18 Jun 10