Look after yourself and your neighbours in the cold weather

14 January 2010

JMB Residents are being asked to take extra care to look after themselves and their neighbours during this extended period of cold weather.

The JMB's Cleaners and gardeners are interrupting their normal work to ensure that the essential roads and pathways are gritted every day during the freezing weather. However, because supplies of grit are limited, we are having to prioritise this gritting work and are not normally able to do balconies and landings.

If you know of somewhere on your estate where there is a particular problem with ice or snow then please contact the JMB office so that we can arrange for that area to be gritted.

Also, please keep an eye out for your neighbours, particularly if you think they may be having problems in the cold conditions. If you think someone may need extra help then please contact the JMB office.

JMB Chair John Paul Maytum said:

"The thing that makes the JMB estates special and better places to live is our very strong sense of community. By pulling together and with the help and commitment of the JMB's staff we will be able to make sure we get through the cold weather with as little difficulty as possible."

This page last updated 13 Jan 10