Police step up patrols to stop street robberies

13 January 2010

Police have stepped up patrols on the streets around the JMB Estates, following a number of late night street robberies.

Southwark Police have started extra patrols of uniformed officers in a bid to catch and deter the criminals in the area, with the most recent incident happening on the streets between the Kipling Estate and the Tyers Estate.

JMB residents are asked to take extra care when they are walking home, particularly if it is late at night. If you do see anybody acting suspiciously then contact the Southwark Police as soon as possible.

More information on how to stay safe can be found on the crime prevention pages of the Southwark Police website. If you have concerns about your safety in your home, contact the JMB office.

This page last updated 13 Jan 10