Get Insured - Protecting your home
& the JMB Repairs policy

11 April 2010


The JMB is advising all residents to make sure they have proper insurance to protect their home as it makes clear the limited range of repairs that the JMB is able to carry out.


JMB Deputy Manager Anne Timeyin, who deals with insurance issues, explained

"I know of the heartbreak, when people realise the consequences of not having insurance. Of course insurance is another expense, but for some of the people I talk to a pound or two each week to pay for insurance would have been the best money they ever spent.

"People say to me it was not my fault, the pipe burst, the roof leaked, my neighbour flooded me out. Will the JMB pay to replace my clothes, laminate flooring, expensive decorations?

"I have to explain that a pipe that just bursts or a roof that leaks in heavy rain or a neighbour who leaves the bath on is not the JMB’s fault - and is not covered by the JMB's insurance. We can't put this right and - without insurance - a resident could find themselves thousands of pounds out of pocket.

"Unless they have proper contents cover they will have to find the money to replace items and redecorate their home themselves. And if a leaseholder does not have full insurance then they could be responsible for paying thousands of pounds to put right the damage caused by a leaky pipe to a neighbour's home."


Details of what repairs the JMB will carry out are on the Property Repairs page. This includes details of the JMB's Secondary Repairs policy, which details what repairs the JMB will do if your home is damaged by a cause outside of your property


If you have any questions or concerns about repairs or insurance then contact the JMB office.


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