Updated advice on fire safety

5 Oct 2010

The JMB has issued updated fire safety advice following a recent inspection across all of the JMB estates.

The inspection found that many of our landings, walkways and other common spaces were obstructed with large items of furniture, bikes, large flower pots, storage boxes, rubbish & recycling bags and building materials.

The JMB's first priority is to keep all our residents as safe as possible so we are having to remind all our residents about the need to keep escape routes clear and safe.

Key points of the updated advice are:

  • Walkways, landings, stairs and other common spaces need to be kept clear of rubbish and obstructions
  • There needs to be a 3 feet minimum space to let people get past
  • The JMB will ask people to remove items that are in the way or don't allow a 3 feet gap
  • We may remove bikes or other items that are in the way. Items may be disposed of and we will charge for items such as bikes that are put into store
  • If we think there is an immediate danger, we will remove items without notice

> Read the full fire safety advice.

This page last updated 13 Jan 10