Burwash House lift replacement update

2 March 2010

Burwash House

The JMB is asking Burwash House residents to report whenever there are problems with the block's lifts while it waits for Southwark Council to arrange the replacement of the lifts.

JMB Manager Andy Bates explained to residents

"I would like to apologise for the continued problems with the lifts at Burwash House and the impact that this has on your day-to-day quality of life.

"The JMB are well aware of the problems caused by lift breakdowns and noise, particularly for residents on the top floors of Burwash House.

"We have clearly identified that the lifts need to be replaced. However this is not an area where the JMB have control. Because Southwark Council own Burwash House they are responsible for the funding of significant building work, such as lift replacement."

Southwark Council management

Andy Bates added:

"In this case, the renewal works are project managed by Southwark council, as part of a borough-wide programme of lift replacement. We have been working to try to manage the timescale for this work, but Southwark have told us that there has been a delay in letting the contract and the work starting. The Council would like to start the work this summer, but this is not yet certain.

"In the mean time, we are working with Southwark to try and make sure that problems are kept to a minimum. Please keep reporting breakdowns, noise problems etc, to the JMB and we will do what we can to minimise the problems for you. Out of office hours lift breakdowns need to be reported to the council’s call centre."


The JMB will report back to residents when it knows more about when the lift replacements will take place.If you have any questions or concerns about this work contact the JMB office.


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