Middleton House

Middleton House

Property Details

TRA Area: Lawson

Estate: Lawson Estate

Total Homes: 25

studio flats: 1
1 bed flats: 4
2 bed flats: 8
3 bed flats: 8
4 bed flats: 4

Heating: Gas Central Heating

Lift: No

Decent Homes work carried out: No


Typical leaseholder annual service charge

2008/9: £1000

Note: This figure is an approximation based on typical homes in this block.
The actual leaseholder service charge may vary significantly from this figure.
The precise annual service charge for each home will depend on the number of bedrooms in the property and the detailed terms of the individual lease.


Built: 1956

Architect: Sir John Burnet Tait & Partners

Built for: London County Council

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