Getting it right - getting answers from the JMB

We want to make sure that everybody who lives in a JMB home gets the services that they are entitled to and deserve.

If you have any questions about what the JMB does and what you should expect from us, have a look elsewhere on this website or contact the JMB office.

Because the JMB is a resident managed organisation, then the people who live in our homes decide what our priorities are. If you think we should be doing something differently then make sure your voice is heard. Take the issue up at your Tenants & Residents Association, get in touch with one of the JMB resident Directors or speak to someone at the JMB office. We want to hear what you think so that we can keep improving our services to you.


Help your neighbours to get what they deserve

Tenant management is much more than the people who regularly attend TRA and JMB meetings.

Please take time to talk to your neighbours, say hello and ask them if they are happy with the way things are. If your neighbours are not happy about something then please contact the JMB office, so we can check it out. They might not expect that something should be better, or may not be sure the best way to speak up about it.


If you're not happy

If you're not happy with what the JMB is doing, or our response to you then we want to know. Read the complaints page for details of how to compalin to us


This page last updated 20 Mar 10