How do I get involved - how the JMB is run?

Leathermarket JMB is a resident-run organisation. This means that, once we have met our legal and contractual obligations, the people who live in our homes have the final say in what the JMB's priorities are and how we deliver our work.

So, if you live in a JMB home and think we are doing something wrong - or have a good idea about how we could do things better, then contact us and let us know. You're the boss and we want to hear from you.

Talk to us

The first and most important way to have your say in the running of the JMB is by contacting the JMB office and telling us about what you think. This might be about something to do with your home or the running of your estate. You might think that the JMB should be doing something differently or you might want to tell us something we're doing well that we should be doing more of.

Come to a meeting

The JMB holds a number of meetings about specific topics. For example, we have held meetings for homeowners on our estates, or about cleaning. or about major refurbishment work on our estates. You will not have to do or say anything, but at least it will give you the chance to hear about what is going on.

If you do want to tell us about what you think, the JMB would love to hear what you think. You can either tell us at the meeting itself or you can contact the JMB office later.

Tell your tenants and residents association

The Tenants and Residents Associations (TRAs) play an important role in holding the JMB staff to account for what they do. These are separately organised associations which represent the residents of the estates in the JMB area.

If you want your TRA to take up an issue for you, then contact your local TRA to find out how they can take your issue forward. (contact details for TRAs can be found here). You may come to a TRA meeting yourself, or ask the TRA committee to take your issue forward for you.

Join your tenants and residents association

Anyone can join their TRA for free. If you want to get more involved in your TRA then get in touch with your local TRA and go along to a meeting. The people on the TRAs are very friendly and always welcome new members.

TRAs also receive money from Southwark Council to do their work and to organise social events, such as barbeques, trips to the seaside or abroad, events for children or Christmas parties. If you have an idea for a social event on your estate then contact your TRA committee and they will be able to look at your idea.

Become a JMB director

The JMB is formally run by a board of directors who make the decisions about how the JMB does its work and the priorities for future work. The Board is made up of 10 resident directors - two from each TRA area - who are elected by the residents every year. There are also three co-opted directors - these are people who are asked to join the Board by the resident directors to bring in extra skills, such as finance or human resorces skills.

The JMB Board meets four times a year and in between these meetings there are meetings of Board sub-committees looking at specific issues like finance, staffing and repairs.

Read more about the current JMB directors.

How do I become a JMB director?

Any JMB tenant or leaseholder can become a JMB director. If you are interested then get in touch with your local TRA or speak to the JMB office they will tell you how to go about it in your area.

The TRAs normally elect their directors in September, with these elections formally confirmed by a meeting of residents at the Leathermarket JMB AGM in October.

JMB directors are formal company directors who have legal responsibilities under the Companies Act and have to sign a contract covering their responsibilities to the JMB, particularly around confidentiality.


This page last updated 13 Aug 08