Garages and Sheds to rent

The JMB has garages and sheds on almost every estate. While priority goes to JMB residents, we currently have number of garages and sheds open to anyone. All the garages lie inside the London Congestion Charging zone.


If you want to rent a shed or garage, then contact Olayinka or Rosemary on 0207 450 8000 at the JMB office. There are currently no garages available, but we are running a waiting list, so please do put your name down if you are interested in renting a garage.


Garages cost:

£18.36 per week for JMB Residents

£27.50 per week for non-JMB-residents

£13.62 per week for over 70s


Sheds cost:

£1.34 per week


Our garages are in the following locations:

View larger map of Leathermarket JMB garages




This page last updated 2 Apr 2013