JMB Directors

What is a JMB Director?

The JMB is a resident-run organisation, where the people who live in JMB homes are responsible for the key decisions about how we are run and the priorities that are made. To do this there is a Board of Directors, where 2 residents are nominated from each of the JMB’s five TRA (Tenant and Resident Association) Areas to be JMB Directors

These 10 local people represent tenants and leaseholders and sit as the JMB Board of Directors. They make the key decisions on behalf of residents.

They question what the JMB is doing and agree how we can improve our services. They also have to ensure the JMB remains financially stable and meets its legal obligations. They also nominate up to three co-opted Directors to give specialist advice and support.

Directors make joint decisions at Board meetings, in the interests of all residents of the JMB. They also hold a range of sub-group meetings, in conjunction with other residents, to develop policy and oversee the day-to-day working of the JMB.


How do I become a director?

Two people are nominated by each TRA to be JMB directors – usually at the September AGM or General Meeting of their TRA.
We welcome people to come forward as directors, but the law requires that JMB Directors have an appropriate level of knowledge about our work and the whole of our area. We encourage people to learn and get involved with our work through the JMB sub-groups – which are open to all residents. 
Almost all of our directors have a good track record of involvement with these sub-groups and their TRAs. Someone with no previous involvement in their TRA or JMB sub groups or has no knowledge of social housing issues is likely to find being a director difficult, and may struggle to represent people and meet their legal obligations (see below).
If you are interested in being a director, please contact the JMB Office to talk through the expectations, responsibilities and duties of the role. This will help you to know whether being a director is the right thing for you.


Can anyone stand as a director? Are there particular rules and restrictions?

No. JMB Directors are directors of a Limited Company and so Company Law puts restrictions on who can be a Director. This means, for example, that a director has to be a member of the JMB.
However, if you are considering standing you need to be clear that the Companies Law places a number of legal duties on people who are JMB directors. You’ll be under:

  • A legal duty to fulfil your responsibilities as a director to the best of your ability. This means reading the papers before meetings, attending board and sub-group meetings and making a contribution to the debate and attending induction and training sessions. The positive side of this legal definition of your responsibility is that even if a decision goes wrong and has legal consequences, as long as you have been honest and used the best of your knowledge when making a decision, you are protected by limited liability of the JMB, which limits your personal liability to £1.
  • A legal duty to attend meetings. All Directors carry collective responsibility for all board decisions, even if you who were not at the meeting that made the decision. In fact directors with a high absenteeism are vulnerable to the charge that they have not taken their responsibilities seriously.
  • A legal duty to represent all JMB members. A director would be breaching this legal duty if they only represented one estate or part of the JMB area, ethnic group or tenure type - you have to represent everyone.
  • A legal duty to make up your own mind up. No other board member, person or group can tell you how to vote. Directors have a right to ensure that their own views are heard and recorded.
  • A legal duty to be eligible to be a company director. Companies Law prohibits bankrupts, people with fraud convictions or people who have been disbarred by Companies House from being able to serve as a company director.


Who rules on eligibility for a director?

The Company Secretary has the legal duty under Companies Law to ensure that all the Directors are eligible to be company directors and have been properly registered with Companies House. The JMB Company Secretary is currently the Executive Manger of the JMB, Andy Bates. If you are unsure about your eligibility, contact Andy at the JMB Office.
Note: TRA members have a responsibility to ensure that anyone that they are nominating as a director is eligible to stand. JMB staff will be able to advise at each election meeting.


How much time does being a director involve?

Directors are elected for one year. Directors exercise their decision making powers and responsibilities when they come together at Board and sub-group meetings. For directors to play their part in the running of the JMB and representing residents they need to attend at least 2 or 3 meetings/ events a month. Meetings usually take place during the early evenings on weekdays.

Are directors paid?


Do directors make a difference?

Yes, our directors have helped us to make big and important decisions about the way that the housing service is delivered across the JMB and what makes us different


Who are the current JMB Directors?

The current directors of the JMB, and the TRA areas which nominated them, are:

Director TRA area
John Paul Maytum (Chair)Lawson TRA
Christine Parsons (Vice Chair)Crosby, Lockyer & Hamilton TRA
Rouhman ChoudhuryLawson TRA
Jean DaviesBermondsey Street TRA
Klair Hobdell Bermondsey Street TRA
John LynchCrosby, Lockyer & Hamilton TRA
Fola OgunkolaDecima Street TRA
Di RutterDecima Street TRA
Jackie ScorerKipling TRA


The three co-opted directors are

Andy Charnock

George Grime

Cormac Hollingsworth


In addition, Jackie Richards, of Southwark Council's Tenant Management Initiatives team, scrutinises the JMB's work for the Council and attends JMB Board meetings

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