Compensation Policy Consultation

Dear Residents

We aim to provide excellent housing services for all our residents. However, there may be times when our service falls below the expected standards. If this is to happen, we want to act swiftly to put it right. In certain situations, this may include a remedy in the form of a financial compensation.

We have drafted a new policy to support us in our aim of providing a consistent, fair, and proportionate approach to the awarding of a compensation.

The policy lists and explains the types of payments as set by the law, and the types decided upon by the Leathermarket JMB. It also provides examples of situations when a financial compensation might be awarded.

Before we implement and officially publish the policy we would like to hear the views of our residents about it. Please be aware that the consultation ends on Monday 22nd April.

Have your say!

To participate in the consultation, please read the draft of the proposed Compensation Policy and complete the online questionnaire.

Compensation Policy

Alternatively, you may attend an in-person consultation event that we will be having in April – the date is to be announced.

Please be aware that we will not treat indications of dissatisfaction made during consultation processes as complaints. If you do want to complain about any aspect of the Services the JMB deliver you can find information about our complaints policy here