Symington drop in session- Thursday 3.30pm-6pm

We are doing a drop-in on Thursday in the ground floor entrance lobby and it would be great if you could spare some time to talk to us about issues affecting your quality of life. You can drop-in anytime between 3.30 and 6pm.

As discussed at the Lawson T&RA General Meeting on 9.9.21, we want to talk to you about priorities for the block.

A huge thanks to those residents who did not have electricity last week for working with us and living with the disruption to your normal lives. The JMB already thought that renewing the main electrical supply (lateral mains) is an absolute priority, but last week’s events have reinforced our view. We need to renew the 60 year wiring and bring the distribution boards down to the ground floor level to make repair easier. We are doing a lessons to be learned exercise about our management of this major incident and would welcome your insight.

The JMB is also concerned about the condition of the lifts and water tanks and want to share our technical information with you.

We know that urine in the lifts is still a too regular occurrence. Also, that although the better doors have stopped rough sleeping in the bin chamber, rubbish is being left outside and on the floor of the bin chamber, which makes it unpleasant for other residents. We think both problems must be being caused by residents and want to talk to you about how we can work together to eliminate or at least reduce these problems.

We heard a strange rumour at the Lawson T&RA general meeting that Symington residents are losing the grass area on the Harper Road side. We want to re-assure you that this is absolutely not true.

The fitness equipment needs repair and we want to talk to you about whether we should repair the equipment or take it away.

Finally, we will be happy to talk through any other issues that you want to raise with me.

Warmest regards


Andy Bates